Saturday, April 6, 2013

3/8 divide 1/8..????

Today is the last day of class and I am not missing Maths yet, not at all..  :P But I must say, the course has given me a different concept on how Maths can be taught in preschools. Though I was hoping that the module could and would focus more on the ways and activities we can do and plan for the children rather than what we should not be doing with children.

The Maths quiz, did NOT take me 5 mins, it took me about 40mins I think...  Hahahaha.. It wasn't as easy as I though it would be!!! I could not work out a word problem for 3/4 divide 1/8. I totally blanked out when I saw that question. But the stress of having a quiz made me so tensed, I actually didn't know how to do the tangram..

One interesting thing I learnt was the pie chart which was rather cool. Using a strip of paper, you shade of the portion for each segment and clip the ends together. It is a good way to show children how to consolidate information received and putting it into a chart form to help you compare. Nice~~~

I do hope my blog entries was not offensive in any way and yes, I have changed my impression on Maths but not lovin it yet. Nevertheless, the children need to learn and so the teacher will need to continue to conquer her fears for Maths and keep teaching. :)

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